Acute Disease Management

Acute Disease are defined as illness or ailments in which signs and symptoms are present for less than one month.  Often these include infections, pain/discomfort, or inflammation or other symptoms that do not have chronicity.   Through a detailed history and physical examination and/or diagnostic tests, Dr. Varma can help understand your signs and symptoms, order a diagnostic work up and arrive at a diagnosis.  Once the diagnosis is established a treatment and management plan can be implemented.   

Our goal is to inform you about the disease process, up-to-date literature on management and treatment options.  We would then provide you benefits and risks information for diagnostic tests and treatments and help guide you make an informed decision on management.   We respect your opinion and right to your body and you should decide what’s best for your body and mind.  Dr. Varma also offers Sexually Transmitted Disease screening/testing for individuals who may be interested in being tested or who have risk factors.

If you have an acute disease or illness, sign or symptoms and unclear of the diagnosis, but want to learn more about your health and pathological process, call our office today to schedule a visit with Dr. Varma.